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Life Insurance

Term Life and Term Plus® Universal Life insurance provide for the needs of your family and the life you envisioned for them in case of your death. It can also be used to collateralize loans and fund buy-sell agreements.

Disability Insurance

Income Protection and Office Overhead Expense insurance help cover your personal and practice expenses if you become disabled and unable to practice dentistry.

Supplmental Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance

MedCASHSM offers two types of coverage in one plan. Hospital coverage pays a daily benefit. Critical Condition coverage pays a lump sum upon first diagnosis of a specific eligible critical condition.

Dental Students

You’re looking forward to a bright future—that’s why you’re pursuing dentistry. Get better prepared for that future with no-cost life and disability insurance for student members, courtesy of ADA Members Insurance Plans. Upon enrollment, you also can take advantage of additional opportunities to protect your family, your practice, and your dreams throughout your career.


New Dentists

New patients. New colleagues. Maybe even a new family. With so much that’s new, it’s reassuring to know you can rely on the ADA to oversee an insurance program that’s protected dentists, their practices, and their families for more than 80 years. Tap into our experience to make sure your coverage keeps pace with your life—today and tomorrow.


Established Dentists

A career. A family. A lifestyle. You have a lot to be proud of. But are you, your loved ones, and your practice adequately protected? At this stage of your career, you may need more—or different—insurance coverage to protect what you’ve worked hard to build and value most.


Why Dentists Choose Us

Quality coverage. Competitive pricing. Exceptional service. But don’t take our word for it. Find out what your colleagues say about ADA Members Insurance Plans and how dentists like you are using life, disability, and supplemental medical insurance to protect themselves, their families, and their practices.


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ADA-sponsored Insurance Plans


Dentists:This website is not a contract. Benefits provided under respective Group Policy Nos. (104TLP Annually Renewable Term Life, 1105GDH-IPP Disability Income Protection, 1106GDH-OEP Office Overhead Expense Disability, 104GUL Universal Life, 104LTLP Level Term Life, and 1107GH-MCP MedCASH(SM)) issued to the American Dental Association, underwritten by Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company, and filed in accordance with and governed by Illinois law. The ADA is entitled to receive royalties from the ADA Members Insurance Plans. Coverage is available to all eligible ADA members residing in any U.S. state or territory. Term Life and MedCASH premiums increase annually based on age. Level Term Life premiums are fixed based on the selected duration of 10 or 20 years. Must maintain ADA membership throughout selected term. Recommended premiums under the Term Plus® Universal Life plan consist of the cost of insurance (which may vary based on the member’s age and coverage amount), the amount chosen by the member for deposit into his/her Policy Value Account and a service charge. Premium deposits may fluctuate or remain level depending upon the amount maintained in the Policy Value Account. Disability Income Protection premiums increase every 5 years and Office Overhead Expense every 10 years based on age. Premium credits for Annually Renewable Term Life, Term Plus Universal Life, Disability Income Protection, Office Overhead Expense, and MedCASH are not guaranteed but reevaluated periodically. Each Plan participant will receive a Certificate of Insurance explaining the terms and conditions of the policy.

Dental Students: This website is not a contract. Student coverage is issued regardless of your medical condition if you are under 45, but benefits are not payable, as defined by the respective policy, for death or disability resulting from a sickness, disorder, physical condition, or symptom that existed or was treated 12 months prior to enrollment. Benefits are provided under respective Group Policy Nos. (104TLP Annually Renewable Term Life and 1108GDH-SDP Student Disability) filed in the state of Illinois in accordance with and governed by Illinois law, issued to the American Dental Association, and underwritten by Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company. If you are 45 or older, you can apply for the no-cost coverage and all student program features by providing proof of good health. Coverage renews automatically each academic year. Each insurance plan participant will receive a Certificate of Insurance explaining the terms and conditions of the respective policy. Individuals may convert coverage to the plans for practicing dentists after graduation according to policy guidelines by paying ADA member premiums and maintaining ADA membership. See legal information above for the ADA-sponsored insurance plans for practicing dentists.

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